Country Overview

Last updated: 2020-10-11


Executive Branch (Head of Government)

Prime Minister (appointed by the monarch from the majority party following legislative elections)


Bicameral Parliament
-Chamber of Advisors (members indirectly elected by an electoral college)
-Chamber of Representatives (directly elected)

Freedom House Democracy index*


*Source: Freedom House Freedom in the World Index 2019

executive response

Executive Response

Impact on civil liberties

  • Movement/association restricted
  • Curfew imposed

Do these powers have an expiry date?

  • Yes
parliamentary response

Parliamentary Response

Practical impact on Parliament

  • Meeting virtually

Parliament oversight actions

  • Conduct special hearings
  • Work/coordinate closely with the established executive Taskforce
socio economic impact

Socio-Economic Impact

Do the policy responses specifically address the needs of women?

  • No

Social-economic protections

  • Additional health service provision
  • Free/subsidised health care
  • Rent/mortgage holiday
  • Food subsidies/distribution
  • Increased social security/welfare/unemployment insurance or payments
  • Financial support for businesses
  • Delayed/reduced tax payment
  • Delayed/reduced utility fees
  • Delayed/reduced loan repayments
political impact

Political Impact

Civil society response

  • Reviewing proposed legislation
  • Providing support services - food, housing, domestic violence refuges, mental health support
  • Online education
  • Online solidarity/community building
  • Contact tracing
  • Fact checking

Impact on elections scheduled between March and October 2020

  • No elections scheduled for the period